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What can a Website do
for you?

Communication - probably the single most important aspect of business today. In today’s competitive marketplace, communicating with existing customers, while creating new customers, is the key to long term success. Finding new ways to communicate, while making the most of an advertising budget, is an ongoing challenge to today’s manager. Solution - The Internet !!!

Did you know:

  • 85% of Fortune 500 companies now list their Internet Address in their advertising.
  • The Internet is growing at a rate of 10% per month.
  • It is Estimated that 60% of US Households will have a personal computer by 1998.
  • There are over 30 million Internet Users.
  • The average household income of the Internet user in North America is $65,000.
  • Sprint Communications saw Internet traffic increase 700 percent last year, and is expecting an 800 percent increase this year.
  • To compete in today’s business climate, Internet Presence is not a luxury, but a necessity.
  • Establishing a presence on the World Wide Web is now easier than ever before. In fact, there has never been a better time to create a website on the Internet.

Internet Advantages:

The Internet offers all the advantages of Radio, Television and Newspaper, with the additional benefit of unlimited content. On the Internet you can place specific, detailed information in your customer's hands, 24 hours a day. Statistically, Internet users are more likely to respond to your information than the typical consumer. This can be attributed to many factors: First, Internet users are information seekers. The mere fact that they look at your site makes them an ideal prospect. Second, no further action is required by you or your future customers. No phone calls, nothing to mail, just a point and a click, the very action that got them to your page in the first place. The Internet not only provides a source of information, but also a way to contact you, e-mail.

E-mail is also a very useful business tool. Providing E-mail access to your customers allows them to communicate with your company without incurring long distance charges or waiting on the line for the“next available operator”. Your company also has the option of answering the most urgent e-mail first.

What We Can Do:

The Internet is a new marketing tool, a new media,and calls for a new way of thinking about advertising and marketing.

Content is King on the Internet. There is much more to creating a WebSite than throwing some text and a few pictures onto a computer. A quality website must be inventive, interactive, and inviting. At Martin Computing Co., we not only provide you with the technology to establish a Web Presence, but also with the creativity to design a website that makes an impact.

We offer two types of Internet Presence:

  • Our Standard Web Presence offers a complete solution for businesses desiring a standalone website with a unique domain name such as It will appear to your customers that you have your own dedicated connection. This gives you a more professional appearance.
  • Our Economy Presence will establish a website for businesses or individuals who wish to maintain a web presence without the need for their own domain name.

In either case, your website will be registered with the Top 10 search engines. A search engine is a collection of Internet addresses that can be searched for specific information. This gives customers an easy way to locate your information instantly. You will now be able to reach your customers on the Internet, and not have to hassle with the cost and man power involved in maintaining a full blown dedicated server.

Each level of service offers E-mail forwarding. This forwards your incoming mail to your existing e-mail account with your local access provider. If you do not have Internet access, Martin Computing Co. can recommend dial up plans to suit your needs. With our Standard Presence, e-mail forwarding allows your company to have E-mail addresses linked to your domain name.Your address might be “” rather than Also with the Standard Presence, you can have an E-mail address for customer support, an E-mail address for service, a set of E-mail addresses for your marketing department, all at no extra cost. You can also forward the mail received for these addresses to any e-mail account you already have established with your local provider.

For more information about launching a professional website for your company contact us today!


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