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Other Cool Websites!

  • Learn all about the latest developments in our nations space program by visting NASA's home page.

You can even listen to the space shuttle communicate with mission control live with the real audio plugin for Netscape.

  • Keep up with all the latest news in astronomy by visiting Here you'll find articles from several of the leading astronomy magazines including Sky & Telescope & CCD Astronomy.

  • The American Heart Association has a great web site where you can get all kinds of information on how to keep your heart healthy.

  • Looking for some great software? Check out Tucows. Here you'll find all the latest software from Image Viewers to Internet Phone programs.
  • If you missed the lottery number for last night, last week or even last month, don't worry... You can check for the winning numbers for all the major games in each state. So don't throw that old ticket away yet!
  • In the Boston area, check out for news, concert information, and much, much more!
  • Want to learn about Hardware? Check out Hardware Central.

click here!

  • You may have heard about the year 2000 glitch all the computer gurus are talking about. If you want to know more about it and whether or not it may affect you, visit or and find out!
  • Even the President of the U.S.A. has a web page. Tour the Whitehouse and leave the President an email message when you visit
  • Lookup an old friends address and phone number and maybe even get a map to his house at You can also get information on business here.

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