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A few comments from my customers

" I run a full service graphic arts business, and recently opened a separate sign shop. It is imperative that I keep up with the latest technology and have my computer equipment running at its best.

For over seven years, Scott Martin has provided me with extremely valuable advice, guidance and the technical know how, to implement new technology as my business has grown. Originally I used a single computer to operate my business. Now I have four computer systems, a networked broadband Internet connection, digital cameras, scanners, and a variety of printers, including a wide format printer/plotter/vinyl cutter for making signs, and a small network which allows me to share these resources as well as files and folders between PCs. Scott has a full understanding of these technologies and has helped me keep up to date with the latest operating systems, computer hardware, software and device drivers. He also showed me how I could connect my home PC to my office network so I can work remotely, allowing me to check the progress of job files and make corrections.

I have recommended Scott to many business associates with confidence and will continue to do so."

- Janine Doucette, Artist and Craftsman, Local Color Design Studio, Local Color Signs,
Groton, Massachusetts (

"We were reluctantly considering switching to a new accounting program because the application we currently use did not give us the flexibility to generate the kinds of meaningful reports we wanted. Our accountant was unable to extract the information he needed to create a budget for the upcomming year from the pre-configured reports the program offered. Scott did some research and found a way that we could extract all the information from our existing program and showed us how we could use it to create any type of report we wanted. This not only saved us a substantial investment in new software, but also saved us the expense and frustration of learning a completely new accounting system."

- Anne Thibeau, President, The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company, Inc.,
Groton, Massachusetts (


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