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Tech Tip Archives

Below are past articles that have appeared in the Tech Tips section of our website. These articles are listed in the order they appeared by date. We hope you find this information helpful!

Tech Tip - Virus'
12:50pm EST - Feb 26

Our first issue discusses what computer
virus' are, how they spread and how to
prevent them.

Tech Tip - Shopping Online
12:30 am EST - June 7

E-commerce - Learn the Do's and Don'ts of shopping online.

Important Backup Information
2:30am EST - Mar 14

Learn essential techniques for backing up and storing your data. Don't get caught in the hard drive crash nightmare.

Tech Tip - Don't be fooled by Internet Hoaxes
11:59pm EST - May 16

This month we look at the increasingly common hoaxes that are circulating the internet.

Organize your data!
11:00am EST - Apr 1st

Get an inside look at Windows Explorer, an essential tool for managing the documents and folders on your hard drive.


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